Halloween is a time of superstition and celebration whose origin is disputed with a connection to Celtic pagan festivals which was later Christianized while other scholars believe that it started as a Christian holiday independently. The reasons we celebrate Halloween are given below.

  1. Halloween’s origins are blurry

Over the past years, the meaning of Halloween has greatly changed with a mixture of theories surrounding its origin. Some theories link its origin with the All Saints Day, a Christian holiday. Other theories of origin link to a Celtic Tradition where masks were worn during harvest seasons so as to scare off spirits.

Failure to celebrate Halloween makes it feel more militant and disingenuous and ignorance of other holidays.


  1. Halloween celebrations are influenced by participants

We control how we celebrate Halloween unlike other festivals whereby even the kids are allowed to participate in their own style. This is also an important time and opportunity that can be used to teach kids how to conduct themselves in the future and things that they need to avoid.

It does not necessarily require someone to be a Satanist to enjoy, but also devout Christians.

  1. Availability of free gifts

During this holiday the kids receive a lot of presents from their friends and relatives and end up eating vegetable foods given as gifts like pumpkin pie. Some of these foods are available by just visiting a homes in the neighborhood and smile to them which is rewarded by candy.

  1. Interaction with neighbors and friends

Due to the moving from one house to another we are able to see more of the people in the neighborhood and meet our friends. With a tight schedule of starting work early in the morning and getting home late after work this day serves well to bring people together. Since everyone is an invite on this day unlike other holidays brings out a lively community.


  1. Children can fit in to any character they want

Most kids engage in long discussions and preparations for which clothes and masks to wear. The kids choose the different costumes ranging from cowboys, mermaids’ princesses to superheroes. Unlike Easter and Christmas where children have to be dressed in pastels and adorable plaids, Halloween allows them to act as they can dream and imagine and work towards achieving that.


  1. The bottom line of Halloween is a vegetable

Pumpkins are some of those vegetable highly utilized on this day. Despite the normality of buying vegetables from the market on this day the kids are able to move to the gardens and pick pumpkins which are highly treasured on celebrations of the day.

As far as there is much debate about Halloween, it is a very great moment accorded to children that marks important stages of life. Children are given freedom to decide about their future in a celebrative way. There is a big difference between those children who attended Halloween and those who did not. This is a great event that children should never miss.