In certain times, children need to be told scary stories. They are important in igniting children’s thinking and imaginations. There are certain stories out there that you can narrate to scare your kids, while at the same time, one can teach their kids the shortcomings of certain activities hence nurturing good virtues to them. Below are some tales that you can narrate to your kids for these purposes

  1. Hello Kitty

This is a scary urban legendary story that originated from Japan. It explains the origin of a certain Japanese Cartoon character. It is comic in nature and encompasses on a devilish pact. However, despite this, it is necessary for kids as it builds imaginations that trigger their brains to think.

There are many forms of these tales including TV and movie series that you can acquire for the benefit of your kids.

  1. Little Red Riding Hood

This story may be scary it is very educative to children. It shows them the shortcomings of listening to strangers who might be very dangerous. It features a story where a young girl and her grandmother are attacked by a wolf posing as a human being but later rescued by a hunter.

Its moral teachings are more important to children thus such a story is important to them.

  1. The little mermaid

It teaches young children different love aspects and how to handle love especially those approaching adolescence. This tale is depressing and gory and is very necessary for instilling what is needed by children to handle love.

There are different twists in the story from pain, agony, betrayal and murder. All these are some of the things that young children encounter in their young stages and gives ways on how to avoid or handle them.

  1. Beauty and the Beast

This is a great tale that is mostly addressed to girl kids and teaches them on how to handle situations like entrapment and obsession with the use of fiery characters. It also teaches them how to avoid betrayal and other mysteries of life.

It feature a girl whose was attacked and kidnapped so that he could give her out.


The above tales are very important in helping your kids know how to handle certain life challenges. The fiery and horror part is also necessary for giving your kids the required fear in order to avoid certain situations that may be dangerous for them.