Kids need to have enough entertainment alongside with education. There are many types of toys that you can buy for your kids to serve that purpose. These toys offer a wide range of educative purposes to your kids depending on their nature and purpose. When buying these toys for your kids, it is always necessary to choose those will offer educative purposes as well.

Below are some types you can consider;

  • 14-in 1 Owi Solar Robot Kit

This is a necessary toy for kids that like building things. This kit consists of a few solar-driven toys designed for your kids play as well as educating them. It is solar powered and very versatile and it is ideal for teaching the kids various energy functionality and concepts and comical movements.


  • Young Architect

This is a perfect apparatus for perfectionist kids who are diligent and detail-oriented. It enables your kids to think outside the box as well as a great playing time.

They are usually made of stencils and precut blocks which are designed in a way that they can be easily intermixed. They are precise and you don’t have to worry about their structures. Young children need these toys as they ignite their imagination well.

  • Educational Insights Microscope

Have you ever known that kids like to view things at close range? This insight microscope may be just a toy, but helps them in getting greater view of 8x magnification. This microscope consists of a LED light that enhances them to view smaller details of the viewed item as well as adjustable knobs.


This is a great way of fuelling your kid’s curiosity for science.

  •   SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body

This toy gives clear images of human skeletons and might look very gross at the first time, although it serves many educational items that give your kids curious minds.

This human body contain visual human body which has both well designed informative and a colorful human body fact book and its work manual. It also enable kids to remove come squishy vital organs that enable them to view the muscular, vascular and skeletal systems. If you want to teach your kids basics human body parts, this is the most ideal toy to buy them.


  • LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Gaming System

It is usually a great way of interesting your kids, while teaching them different aspects of life. This system works under the mechanism of game downloads, cartridge systems and videos. These ensures that your child will have new things to learn and play.

Another type of such gaming system is the Educational Nintendo Wii. This tool is ideal has a camera and  motion controls which can be used in diverse ways to give your child learning and moving while playing games at the same time.


The above mentioned toys ensures that your kids enjoy and learn at the same time. They have preferable prices and are easy to use for your kids. When buying these toys ii is also important to check on the quality.